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Have you heard of Bulletproof Coffee before??

We hadn’t until recently. Man, we’ve been missing out!

What is it?

Bulletproof Coffee is a fat-burning, appetite-suppressing, energy-providing source of healthy fat.

When you first see what you’re supposed to be adding to your coffee, your instincts are going to tell you it’s a gross concept… Ours certainly did!

  • Brewed Hot Coffee
    • Don’t get stingy here. Not all coffee is the same! Find yourself something of good quality – bonus points for it being fair trade certified, organic, and GMO-free. You’ll thank us later.
  • Coconut Oil
    • Cold-pressed, raw, and organic
  • Butter
    • You have two options here: unsalted standard butter or clarified butter (like ghee). Grass-fed vs. grain-fed really matters here. Grass-fed is an anti-inflammatory energy source, while inorganic grain-fed is chalk-full of hormones and actually inflammatory. Get the right stuff and go with organic and grass-fed.
  • Additional Options
    • Cinnamon – good source of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, fights infections and viruses, good for the skin and allergies
    • Maca powder – rich in amino acids, promotes balanced hormones, increases energy
    • Turmeric – promotes balanced mood, good for joints and cholesterol
    • Vanilla extract – additional flavor
    • Protein powder – for an even bigger protein boost! Again, don’t skimp on the quality here. And make sure it’s sugar-free!
    • Stevia – if you need a little sweetness added but don’t want to negate the benefits by adding sugar

Creamy Concoction

When you toss all of these ingredients in the blender, you end up with a frothy, creamy, surprisingly tasty breakfast beverage.

If your first attempt isn’t everything you dreamed it would be, don’t give up! You could end up like us with what appears to be the perfect, heavenly-looking beverage, when in reality it may have a tad too much coconut oil that makes you gag on the spot…

A little tweaking to your personal liking is all it takes to get you hooked.

Side note: honey, although delicious, is not an appropriate additive to this beverage in particular. No sweeteners (other than Stevia) are really allowed when you’re trying to reap all of the amazing benefits that this coffee can provide you. You’ll get used to not having the sugar – I promise!

Final Thoughts

Being healthy can sometimes feel like a CHORE, mainly because we are adopting and subscribing to common ideas of what healthy looks like. For example, it’s perceived that you must spend five days a week at the gym, drink protein powder shakes, partake in fad diets, etc.

And then none of them would stick, therefore making you feel like you’ve failed at being healthy.

Lately, we have become better at discovering that there are healthy alternatives to the things we already enjoy that simultaneously fuel our entire bodies with what they need to be our most energetic and positive selves. Caffeine is part of our daily routines anyhow! Instead of ditching it altogether, we can enjoy it and know we are doing our body good at the same time, with little sacrifice.

That is the goal, right?

Find Your Healthy

Ultimately, we want you to find YOUR health journey and have it flow with your lifestyle. It doesn’t have to look like everyone else’s, but it should make sense and comfortably fit in your existing routine so you keep up with it and stay the healthy course. It’s perfectly ok to experiment too, until you narrow down the ones that can become habitual.

Your body is your temple. Treat it kindly, discover your own unique health voyage, and Decide Bliss.


Before taking any heath-related advice, we highly recommend doing proper research and/or speaking to a medical professional about your own dietary standards and needs. This particular high-fat beverage should not be added to a carb-heavy meal regimen.

Currently, Badiana is on a Paleo diet and Nicky only consumes this beverage while on a reduced-carb plan.

Please read further on Dave Asprey (the creator of Bulletproof) and his recommendations on how to properly execute this diet. 

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