The Spurt System

Two female best friends blissfully throwing snow in the air and enjoying exercise and the winter wonderland of Montreal Canada

Working out sucks. There’s no beating around that bush! Especially when you’ve fallen off the wagon and haven’t done much of anything (in regards to exercise) in longer than you’re comfortable admitting… But hey, it happens! Life gets busy and stuff gets in the way, and then before you know it, it’s been 6 months since you last stepped foot in the gym or a yoga class. That’s why we created a system!

The Dreaded Gym

If you’re like us, you HATE going to the gym for an hour to get a workout in. We’re not talking about group exercise classes or anything like that (those are actually fun in our opinions). We mean the actual “gym part” of the gym: cardio machines, free weights, targeted muscle contraptions, etc.

Ugh. Even the thought of it makes us tired.

We know what you’re thinking – why not just start with the group classes if we like them so much? Because when you’ve been out of the game for a while, none of it seems appealing. You find any and every excuse to not go.

“Oh, I stayed up too late on Saturday night and slept through Sunday morning’s yoga class… I’ll try again next week!” because OBVIOUSLY if you don’t start the week off on the day you planned to, you can’t possibly try again on a different one.

“It’s pretty cold outside to drive to the gym… I’ll wait until a nice day to get back into a regimen,” she says in the middle of the winter where NO DAYS are nice days…

You get the idea!

The Spurt System

This is why we decided to get ourselves back into better habits using what we’ve dubbed the “Spurt System.”

When we find ourselves with a few minutes to spare, we do a spurt of exercises. There are zillions to choose from: jumping jacks, squats, lunges, push-ups, planks, tricep dips, wall sits, calf raises… the list goes on and on. The time doesn’t matter nor does the location. At work? Maybe each time you go to the bathroom, do some jumping jacks. Making dinner? Squat while cooking. Folding laundry? Get in some calf raises. See how easy it can be?

What has proven to work best for us is doing all of this together. As Nicky is getting all of her spurt workouts in during the first half of the day, she is sending them to Badiana every step of the way. Then later on in the night, when Badiana prefers to get her spurts in, she sends them along to Nicky. Not only do we constantly applaud the work put in by the other, but we are also able to get exercise ideas by what the other is doing.

Don’t have a buddy but think one would really help you succeed? Reach out to us! We would love be your buddies!

SOMETHING is better than NOTHING

Finding the motivation to get into a healthier lifestyle is no easy task. It’s discouraging when you do one seemingly little thing and realize how out of shape you’ve truly become. Wallowing in that fact won’t get you anywhere, though. There’s only one way out, and that’s working for it.

Any exercise is better than no exercise! What’s great about this spurt system is that it gets you moving during times you would normally remain still for long periods of time. Did you know that sitting in a desk chair, staring at a computer screen for hours on end, can actually increase your risk of a ridiculous amount of ailments such as obesity, cancer, and cardiovascular disease? Yeah… not good. Break up the day and move that body to keep not only your physical health on target, but also your mental.

Our Plan

The Spurt System is just the beginning for us. When you start to see results from doing small things in your spare time, you instinctively become motivated for more. Before you know it, you’re squeezing in that pilates class on Wednesday nights. Then you’re adding in yoga over the weekend. Maybe you and a friend team up and hit the gym together to challenge each other. You’ll discover what works best and it’ll only grow from there!

Be Easy on Yourself

This process should never be something you beat yourself up over. Everyone goes through it from time to time. Ruts are a natural part of life! Be kind to yourself and make small steps that you can keep up with to ensure you’re on a better path.

You won’t get anywhere if you only see what’s wrong with yourself and where you’ve messed up. Instead, when you start, congratulate yourself! When you’re sore the next day from small incremental exercises done the day before, bask in that glorious ache. That feeling means you were able to make a difference in those muscles! And when you start seeing results (probably much sooner than you’d think!), be proud of yourself.

So get out there and start doing what you can! There’s no time like the present to bring healthier habits into your life. Stay positive, take baby steps forward, and always Decide Bliss.

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