Clerk's Office Procedural Handbook

The Procedural Handbook of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, Office of the Clerk of Court, contains information on: filing civil actions/documents, general motion practice & pretrial procedures, fees, judicial chambers, forms (appendices), clerk's office directory, appeals, bill of costs, & after hours filing.

The current Procedural Handbook is available below, including appendices. For information regarding subpoena forms, please see the FAQs.

Clerk's Office Procedural Handbook (September 2018)
Appendix A ECF Procedures
Appendix B PDF File Information
Appendix C Validation of Signature Form, Local Rule 5.1.2
Appendix D ECF Registration and Notification Forms ?
Appendix E ECF Training Application Form
Appendix F Designation Form
Appendix G Disclosure Statement Form
Appendix H Civil Cover Sheet
Appendix I Civil Case Management Track Designation Form
Appendix J Modification or Redaction of Personal Identifiers, Local Rule 5.1.3
Appendix K Consent to Facsimile Transmission of Notices of Orders
Appendix L Mail Information Form
Appendix M Judges' Room Numbers and Zip Code + 4-Digit Extension Numbers
Appendix N Summons in a Civil Action, Proof of Service
Appendix O Writ of Execution
Appendix P Appellate Transcript Purchase Order
Appendix Q Consent and Reference of a Civil Action to a Magistrate Judge
? Procedure to Consent to Reference of Civil Action or Proceeding to Magistrate Judge
Appendix R Bill of Costs
Clerk’s Notification of Time for Taxation of Costs
Appendix S Special Listing Agreement
Appendix T Busy Slip
Appendix U Standing Order Re: Sentencing Reform Act of 1984
Appendix V Credit Card Collection Network Authorization Form
Appendix W Bail Bond Secured by Property or Real Estate Bond
Appendix X ??????Application for Pro Hac Vice Admission
Appendix Y Transcript Order Form
Appendix Z Audio Recording Order Form
Appendix AA Order, In Re: Amendment to Local Civil Rule 5.1.2, Electronic Case Filing ("ECF") Procedures
Appendix AA Notice of Electronic Availability of Transcripts in Case Management/Electronic Case Files (CM/ECF) and Transcript Redaction
Appendix BB Notice concerning Digital Audio File Electronic Access Pilot Program
Appendix CC PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records) Registration Form ?
Appendix DD CRIS Order
Appendix EE ECF Electronic Filing of Complaints Information Form