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        2. MDL 2437 In Re: Domestic Drywall Antitrust Litigation

          The Honorable Michael M. Baylson, Presiding

          Pretrial Orders

          Order Order Title or Topic Issued ?
          Pretrial Order No. 1 Report of Pretrial Conference 02/07/2013
          Pretrial Order No. 2 ? 04/11/2013
          Pretrial Order No. 3 Case Management 05/07/2013
          Memorandum Plaintiff's Attorneys' Fees and Expenses 05/07/2013
          Stipulation To Amend Preservation Order to Accommodate Transfer of Tin Inc. Documents and Data to Georgia-Pacific LLC as Part of Sale of Tin Gypsum Business Assets 06/12/2013
          Order Per Stipulation to Amend Preservation Order 06/17/2013
          Protective Order ? 07/29/2013
          Stipulation To Extend Time for Certain Submissions Called for in Pretrial Order No. 3 07/29/2013
          Order The Production of Documents and Electronically Stored Information 08/02/2013
          Stipulation Expert Discovery 08/02/2013
          Preservation Order To Accommodate Transfer of Lafarge North America Inc. Documents and Data to Purchaser as Part of Sale of Lafarge Gypsum Business Assets 08/13/2013
          Pretrial Order No. 4 ? 09/18/2013
          Order Granting Discovery under the Cable Act 09/18/2013
          Order ? 10/14/2013
          Pretrial Order No. 5 Discovery Issues 10/25/2013
          Pretrial Order No. 5 {Amended) Discovery Issues 10/28/2013
          Stipulation and Order ? 10/31/2013
          Pretrial Order No. 6 Protocol Re Communication with Absent Class Members 11/22/2013
          Stipulation and Order ? 11/25/2013
          Pretrial Order No. 7 ? 11/26/2013
          Order Directing Third Parties TDS Telecommunications Corporation and Oklahoma Communications Systems, Inc. to Produce Documents in Response to Subpoenas 12/02/2013
          Joint Stipulation and Order To Extend the February 15, 2014 Deadline for Motions Relating to the Initial Exchange of Documents to March 28, 2014 02/19/2014
          Memorandum Plaintiffs Supplying Factual Information Supporting Allegations 05/12/2014
          Order ? 05/12/2014
          Memorandum Thompson Research Group's Motion to Quash Subpoena 05/15/2014
          Order Granting in Part and Denying in Part Thompson Research Group's Motion to Quash Subpoena 05/15/2014
          Pretrial Order No. 8 Expert Discovery and Summary Judgment 06/10/2014
          Order Request for International Judicial Assistance Pursuant to the Hague Convention on the Taking of Evidence Abroad in Civil or Commercial Matters 07/21/2014