Find Your Rhythm: Road Trip Rejuvenation

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I love a good road trip . It truly is up to you how long or short you want to make it. Prash and I decided we wanted a long one this time.

  1. Because thankfully with our lines of work, we have that luxury.
  2. We just needed to get away for awhile and rejuvenate.

We decided to go on a road trip to Columbia, South Carolina to see family and witness the total solar eclipse (thanks Nicky for the idea). Prash and I are a couple who met whilst traveling, so travel has been a massive part of our love story in all its forms. As we grow as individuals and as a couple, we have been finding our rhythm as a pair. We camp, we road trip, we fly, we turn our SUV into a makeshift sleeper van sometimes (if we have had a little too many.) We have turned something we loved as individuals into a shared couple activity. With both of us being open to try new things, ideas and places that the other may have not done on their own, we explore the world together.

Finding Your Rhythm

Whether you are solo or in a relationship (like myself), finding your rhythm is a must in my eyes. There should be something you do in your life regularly that gets your juices flowing and makes you feel accomplished. It is usually one of your passions. If you can not pursue your passion for a living, you owe it to yourself to indulge in it regularly. Allow yourself to live your best life even if it is only part-time. Are you a little too logical and nervous to let your job go to the wayside to do what your passionate about full-time? Trust me, I get it! I am fortunate to work for Tesla. My line of work allows me the luxury to be amazingly creative managing this blog and still travel with my husband. I have the comfort of financial stability and the flexibility to indulge in two of my passions: helping others through blogging and traveling.

A Couple that Creates

Since Prash and I are creative in very different ways, we have discovered over time how much fun we have combining our talents to create things. We have made furniture together. We have refurbished furniture together. Like mentioned above, we travel together. This trip we decided to start something new: documenting our journeys. This serves as a reminder of all the fun and exciting adventures we have taken. When life’s messiness beats us down, we can look back and remember that after every valley, there is a peak. This is what I mean by finding your rhythm. Allow your passion(s) to be a constant in the rhythm of your life and try not to let the mundanity of everyday life push it to the back burner.

I excitedly share our first video travelogue in hopes to inspire you to find your rhythm and of course, Decide Bliss.

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