Hey Girl, It’s Your Birthday!

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Birthday Blessings

It was my birthday last Sunday. If you are religious, my birthday always falls in Lent. (Lent is a Christian church tradition where religious followers and even non-believers abstain from certain foods or temptations for 40 days, following Jesus’ fast in the desert for 40 days.) The end of Lent is a few days before Easter. With that being said, Happy Easter to you all!

I can easily admit that organized religion is not my jam. However, I am extremely spiritual and definitely believe in God. He is my dude. We talk on the regular. I mention this because I was raised Catholic and all the traditions within Lent are celebrated by my family. The point being I have always felt incredibly blessed and I actually feel that has in part to do with when I was born. Even if you don’t believe in any of this religious mumbo jumbo, there is something to be said for millions of people observing this time of year and delving deeper in their faith. I happen to be born in that observance. Call me silly, but there is something special about that. I have felt those blessings my whole life, which always makes celebrating my birthday an exciting event for me.

Birthday Believer

I am a firm believer in birthdays. I find it incredibly sad and odd when people do not celebrate their own birth. It definitely makes me question their self-love. (I’m not trying to judge people, but sit with that for a second.) How could you not think the day you came into this world is not important enough to celebrate, even in a small way? We are all unique, special and precious. At some point you believed that and then somewhere along the way, you just stopped. I ask you to cut that out this year. CUT IT OUT.  I am so sad when I hear people say, “Meh, it is just another day.” No, it’s not. It’s YOUR day. Do something, anything, that makes you happy within your means. You DESERVE IT.

Transitions and Change

This year my husband, Prash, and I planned an elaborate themed dinner based on his home country, India. Since he lives in the US where I grew up, surrounded by my Haitian family, I often enjoy immersing myself in his culture. We planned it in January and then March came and Prash started at a new company.

Our life became a whirlwind of change and new transitions with Prash’s new position. Exciting times for us, but that means massive changes to our day to day routine. Needless to say, time was no longer of the essence and neither of us could wrap our heads around hosting a dinner party. (This is very unlike us because we are the couple that hosts the holiday parties, dinner parties and social gatherings. We love bringing our forever growing posse of friends together in social camaraderie.) This time, though, I  had to say no. I can’t do it. It is too much for either of us to manage right now.

I cancelled my birthday. It didn’t take long for texts to come asking if everything is OK. Prash and I don’t cancel our events. I had to simply say it’s too much right now. I planned to go to the Bodhi Spa and just relax. Of course, I was going to celebrate me and this was the best way given the circumstances, but my friends had a different plan.

Birthday Party

Nicky decided to organize that dinner be brought to Prash and I. She figured you don’t have to host, but your friends can. She proceeded to organize the details: Nicky made my peach cobbler cake. Nick and his wife, Amy, made dinner. A bunch of my other friends even showed up with beer, wine, gifts, more food. Before I knew it, I had people showing up to celebrate me. All Prash had to do was pump up the jams and we had ourselves a birthday party.

This birthday was a blessing in various ways. First, I have fantastic friends and family. I mean that is love, people. Second, it taught me a very big lesson: Surrender and the Universe/God will always provide. For once, I surrendered and said I cannot do it all, and lo and behold, everyone showed up for me. God was like, “Finally you are loosening your grip on things! I got you. Let me show you how much.”

Let Go, Let God

It was not even just the people that actually were physically at my house that day. A best friend from out of town wrote me words that touched my soul (there will be a blog post about that soon, just wait). Work colleagues and friends took me out days later. There was even champagne popping that occurred with my incredible family the following day.

Moral of this birthday story is, you do not have to do it all. The more I learn to “let go and let God,” the more magic I witness in my own life and the more I Decide Bliss.

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Badiana is a business women, yogi and writer from Massachusetts. She is known to be a bubbly optimist, but few know she is actually quite introverted. The things she loves most in life are family, friends, nature, her spirituality and her unending quest to harness more joy in her own life as well as helping others to do the same.
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