Hitting the Hay

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“Badiana, imagine yourself on a warm summer evening before a calm, clear pond. The moon is full. The stars are shining. Whippoorwills are whippoor-willing. 

And I am with you. 

Now, do you know how to float on water? For the most part you do absolutely nothing, at which point I can hold you at the surface, in the palm of my hand. It’s simply a matter of physics, the laws of time and space, and your natural state.

Are you with me?

The Universe

Note from the Universe

That, my friends, is a Note from the Universe. You can subscribe to them at tut.com. (I will make the disclaimer that I am not getting paid to shout them out.) These notes genuinely give me life. Their tag line is ‘thoughts become things, choose the good ones.’ I completely agree, obviously. Hence, Life is Messy…Decide Bliss. Different words but similar idea.

As I continue to Decide Bliss and share it with you all, I realize it is not just thoughts you have to choose wisely. It is experiences, moments, people and everything in between. We are so prone to stick with what we know that when someone offers something different, we proceed with caution or immediately come up with excuses as to why we cannot do this or commit to that or whatever it may be. I write to tell you to stop. Just surrender to this great adventure.

My colleague invited me to her Solstice Party on her farm and repeatedly told me to stay the night; people are pitching tents and sleeping over. It is an all-day party and I should come anytime, but plan to stay the night. She piqued my interest with pitching a tent, but as soon as I got off the phone with her I immediately talked myself out of staying the night. Prash (my husband) was out of town on business and we always camp together. I told myself I didn’t want to tent in a backyard and have this amazing experience without him. So I resolved that I would happily go to the party, but drive home and enjoy my own bed.

Be Casual

That day, work was slamming. I had appointments back to back and rushed home to change into farm-appropriate attire and shoes because my colleague was very clear to tell me that I should NOT be dressed up. No dresses or skirts or clothes that I would not want to get dirty. Based on many work meetings together she didn’t think casual was something I did often. I laughed at how much she stressed casual and to not dress up, ha ha ha! I’m over here thinking I dress frumpy and wear leggings way more often than I ever wanted to, and she is over here thinking I am dressed for prom every day. It is hilarious to witness others perspectives of you. But I digress.

Needless to say, I busted out a plaid long flowy vest dress and black leggings, with yellow accents. I threw a belt around my waist because I wanted to accentuate it. Who says casual farm apparel cannot be accessorized?

Solstice Party

I got to the party way later than I had wanted, but I was determined to stay true to my word and show up for my colleague who is so sweet and kind. Her driveway was so long, windy and made of dirt. My tiny company car slid off-track far more times than I was comfortable with.

I arrived to an opening and saw this beautiful house entirely made of stone. Her plot of land resembles a tiny castle I saw in Scotland. Her home was beautiful. I did not even feel like I was in Rhode Island anymore.

The goats, chickens and roosters were to my left. The house shrouded with trees directly in front of me. A tiny home tucked in the woods to my right (owned by her nephew, his wife and their adorable son). Multiple bonfires were going with numerous people surrounding all of them. Kegs, wine, cocktail tables set up nearby for easy access and so many welcoming warm people began to greet me while I exited my car.

My colleague got wind that a new guest was here and within minutes showed up and gave me a huge hug. She began to walk me around and introduce me to everyone, then swiftly poured me a hearty solo cup of wine and brought me to the food table. I indulged in the delicious food realizing I had not eaten much that day. Then I walked over to the bonfire where I saw another colleague of mine. From the moment I stepped out of the car the night felt magical.

Oh Hay There Couch

My colleague and her nephew walked me over to the hay couch she built that day. I became instantly obsessed and tethered to that couch. It was so comfortable and c’mon it was made of hay. I literally felt like I was a character in a fairy tale.

It was a perfectly warm summer night. We all watched the pink Sagittarius full moon rise while the sunset diminished over the horizon, chattering about horoscopes and each other’s signs. We reveled over how the stars twinkled in the sky so brightly and pointed out constellations like the Big Dipper.

Nature’s Spell

We exchanged life stories and intimate details of our lives because we were all under nature’s spell. We had nowhere to be but here and now in the present moment with each other. Hugs and cuddles were exchanged between strangers, kisses exchanged between lovers, and the unanimous understanding that everyone felt the magic of this night. As the drinks kept flowing, nature seemed to come more alive. The whippoorwills began singing loudly and the boisterous chatter that filled the farm became hush murmurs. Some fell asleep and others broke up into small groups and talked amongst themselves more quietly so nature could take center stage.

I remained planted on that hay couch, refusing to budge because I was in love with this homemade outdoor piece of furniture. Before I knew it, the desire to be in my own bed dissolved and nothing felt more right than letting nature lull me to sleep on this amazingly comfortable hay couch. I hit the hay.

Okay, now you’ll have to trust me, but it’s the same when it comes to floating in wealth and abundance, health and harmony, friends and laughter. These are your natural state, your default settings, the “givens” in this great adventure. These are where true balance is found. They can be yours without strenuous effort. You don’t even have to visualize them. Just stop the argument that claims you’re without. Surrender in the struggle that presumes lack. Come out from the fort that has kept you so safe, and follow your heart with abandon.

The Universe

You can breathe now and Decide Bliss.

Managing Editor at Decide Bliss
Badiana is a business women, yogi and writer from Massachusetts. She is known to be a bubbly optimist, but few know she is actually quite introverted. The things she loves most in life are family, friends, nature, her spirituality and her unending quest to harness more joy in her own life as well as helping others to do the same.
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