Lessons from Nature: Fall Edition

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Living in New England rocks. Call us biased if you must (since we both grew up in this fine part of the United States of America), but we absolutely love it!

One of the reasons our love is profound for this part of the country is the presence of four distinct seasons. Badiana has lived in other parts of the country and Nicky has traveled to various parts, so we can say for sure that there is something purely magical about being consistently exposed to change four times a year.

Heraclitus was onto Something

To quote Heraclitus, a pre-Socratic Greek philosopher, “Change is the only constant in life.” If we have learned anything through our journey to Decide Bliss, it is the truth in this statement.

If you look at it as a chance to grow and further develop your own unique character, it makes adjusting to change that much easier. To those of you that happen to be in the northeast as well and find yourself resisting change, look outside and take a tip from nature. You may be surprised to see all of the answers you need.

Obviously not everyone lives in New England, but we are sure nature/weather patterns vary wherever you are lucky to reside. Or let us be your excuse to come visit our neck of the woods!

“Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go.”

Fall/autumn/harvest is the time of the year that transitions us from summer to winter and it is a personal favorite for us. Aside from the pumpkins, corn mazes, apple picking, and basic girl pumpkin spice lattes, we love what happens to the world around us. There are lessons to learn from this colorful season!

Lesson 1

One of the most breathtaking occurrences of the fall is the leaves changing colors. The lesson to be learned there is that, as resistant to change as many are, it can result in something more beautiful than you are even able to wrap your head around. Embrace it and see what magic happens!

Lesson 2

As the season progresses and the leaves all change colors, they then begin to die and fall. So much so that “fall” was dubbed the nickname for the season. What a divine reminder of how lovely it is to let dead things go! There are some things in life that are beautiful but have run their course and need to fall away. Let fall remind you it is necessary to let go and open the door to a new beginning.

Lesson 3

After the long days of the summer, fall brings longer shadows and earlier sunsets. Allow this to be a time for deep and thoughtful introspection into our shadow parts (the darker sides of who we are). Let the light and beauty of the colors allow you to bring these shadow parts to light instead of scrutinizing or criticizing them. You can then use this time as a gentle reminder to facilitate growth.

Lesson 4

Fall radiates beauty. Let it teach you to radiate your own colorful beauty and creativity. This is a time of inspiration and awe, and we all have the ability to use our own gifts to ignite that in others.

Lesson 5

Fall is a time for harvest and abundance, both literally and on a sensory level. The animals are enjoying all the bountifulness just like we are. However, notice they are gathering and collecting their harvest and storing it away for leaner times. Let the autumn remind you to enjoy all the blessings this season has to offer, but to also plan for the future.

Don’t be Afraid of Change

Transitions can be hard. But they are what allow us to move on from difficult times and grow into even better people. Instead of being stubborn and stuck on keeping things a certain way. Welcome change. Open yourself up to a whole new world of beautiful opportunities. If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll continue to get what you’ve always gotten!

Look to nature to guide you through life, and always Decide Bliss.

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