Merry’s Magic Sleep Spray

Blissfully sound asleep with feet hanging out from under the covers.

We all know how important a good night of sleep is to our physical and mental well-beings. Not getting enough can be harmful in various ways. It can lower your immune system, make you more forgetful, increase your risk of weight gain, diminish your cognitive abilities, lead to heart issues and/or diabetes… and that’s just naming a few! Not to mention the dreaded “you look tired,” which is pretty much just a nicer way of saying you look like crap.

Sleep is the break your body and brain need each day to rest and to sort through everything. Its significance cannot be stressed enough!

“Daaaddd…. I Can’t Sleep.”

I’ve heard that sentence (usually at about 3:00-4:00am) more times than I can count.

Olivia is a kid that has a hard time sleeping through the night, even at 8 years old. Thankfully it’s not due to anything traumatic like night terrors. It’s awful when a kid wakes up inconsolable because of a terrifying dream! With her, she simply wakes up and can’t fall right back to sleep. She’s not a fan of being alone, and I think that when she wakes up in her own room at night and we’re asleep in ours, she panics a little and doesn’t feel better until she knows we’re awake, too.

I’m sure her issue lies in the inconsistency of her days. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything that can be done about that! That’s what happens when you’re a child of divorced parents. There’s no real way to ensure the same bedtime schedule and routine occur in each location. Each home has a routine that works for that party, and that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the same!

Because of this, I wanted to attempt to come up with something that would help her sleep a little better. That’s when I decided to create Merry’s Magic Sleep Spray.

Who’s Merry?

Merry is our Elf on the Shelf. She isn’t just any old elf, though. She is truly special.

Merry comes to our home the day after Thanksgiving and engages in the typical elf on the shelf shenanigans: making messes, leaving messages, doing funny things, bringing projects or presents, etc. She also works with Santa and brings the Dad’s-house half of Liv’s Christmas loot a day early for Christmas Eve morning. We worked this out as a solution to Olivia waking up every year on Christmas morning with her mother. We wanted to experience the same magic her Mom gets to each year!

Merry has also been known to pop in sporadically throughout the year to comfort Liv with the fact that she’s always being looked out for. She left a love note and some special fairy dust for Olivia’s birthday, she worked with the Easter bunny on the basket, and she even has been known to leave notes reassuring Liv that ghosts are not in our apartment! Like I said, she’s special.

Merry’s Magic Sleep Spray

Now that the backstory is all there, let’s get down to the actual spray.

I’m a big fan of trying holistic approaches to my issues before anything else. Lavender is a go-to resolution for sleep troubles. It has been known to put you in a more relaxed state by lowering your heart rate and blood pressure – great for those that suffer from stress, anxiety, nervousness, etc. Not to mention its delightful scent.

The spray itself is a simple mixture of the following:

In the spray bottle, first combine the witch hazel and essential oil. The oil will not mix directly with the water, but it will mix with the witch hazel and then that mixture will blend with the water. Once you’ve got all the elements mixed together, slap on an adorable label with whatever you decide to call your spray and you’re good to go!

Side Note: Fairy Dust

The fairy dust was an unexpected twist that was thrown at me one random day in December 2016. Before bed, I saw Liv open the sliding door to our balcony and leave a little note in the snow. When I asked her what she was doing, she explained that a girl at school had told her that if she leaves a note on a balcony or windowsill that kindly asks fairies to leave her some fairy dust, they will oblige.

Cue my scramble to make the magic happen!

I hid in the closet and made a little Play-Doh container, then filled it with some neon glitter (that I just happened to have on hand) and left it in the spot on the snow for her to find in the morning. Needless to say, it was a huge hit! Merry has since brought her even more fairy dust in Olivia’s favorite color – lime green. We used this dust in our spray to ensure a magical night of sleep would follow each application.


Not only did we get to create our enchanted mist as a fun project together, but it was a total success! I like to think it’s a combination of the placebo effect as well as the naturally calming elements of the lavender essential oil. Either way, it works and is now part of our bedtime routine.

This spray is so simple and yet so powerful. It doesn’t only have to be used to ward away negativity, but that is absolutely my favorite way to apply it! It can be used as a general linen spray, a yoga mat spray, or any other child-related need (get creative here – Monster-Be-Gone Spray, Ghost Repellent, Sweet Dreams Magnet, you get the idea!).

Embrace the soothing effects and, every day, imaginatively Decide Bliss.

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