#MeToo – In my Opinion, There’s More than Meets the Eye

Young black woman wearing a big black floppy hat and a strapless dress. She is looking over her shoulder with a coy smile on her face #metoo.

The #MeToo Movement has invoked various feelings from me.

Overwhelmed by the solidarity of it, this quiet stream of unanimity of continuous “#metoo”s popping up on my Facebook wall.

There is also an initial skepticism of it, like why now? We have been silenced for so long. I was actually skeptical of typing the words and adding to the movement. My better judgement then stepped in and said, “This is a win. Don’t let your doubts keep you silent.”


I then cautiously posted “#metoo more than one should have to wrap their heads around.” I did not go any further. I cheered on others via Facebook likes, Facebook love, or a Facebook comment. Some women shared their stories in deep, painful depth while others divulged only parts of their stories. I respect their courage and bravery. I’m happy they can experience the feeling of relief to be able to finally get their story out in the open and off their chests.

I also appreciate the women who chose to remain completely silent. Some may have chosen not to speak because they felt no need to share their story on a platform with family, friends, colleagues, or exes. Maybe some simply remain skeptical of the movement as a whole. There are also women like me, who joined the movement by simply typing a few words. However you feel the need to participate, including not participating at all, I respect you.

The Gender War

The #MeToo movement is a tough pill to swallow for me because not only have I have been on the receiving end, but also because in my opinion there is a bigger issue: gender roles. Gender norms no longer make sense, both male or female. Everyone is still being forced to fit into these boxes that apparently is the “norm” for being female or male.

Women in the gender battle are the oppressed group, point, blank, period. We had to fight for our rights to be where we are today, and I must say, ladies, we are bosses in whatever we choose to be. A high-power executive, Mom, Manager of Casa de (insert your household name here), Artist, or Engineer.

We must understand that fighting for equality also means equality for our opressor (in this scenario: men). Many of us still define masculinity by the same gender norms we are trying to break free from. There is still barely any fluidity when it comes to being a male in this society. Women in the US (please be aware I specifically said the United States of America) are allowed to be more fluid when it comes to sex, sexuality, and sexual experimentation. They can flip-flop back and forth as well, but that is simply not the case for men. Women can harass men, emasculate men, and even abuse men and it often gets swept under the rug because it is believed the oppressed cannot abuse the oppressor.

Continue Evolving

I get the anger harbored by women. The frustration from unwanted attention and expectations and disgusting abuse and assault is understandable. As a woman, I get it all. But as an evolving woman, I can admit there is an issue on both sides of the gender war.

Men are not easily able to experiment with their sexuality (in the USA) without ridicule or being forced into some label, hence why terms like ‘Down Low Brother’ exist. That type of repression can ignite lots of rage, anger, and resentment, creating the despicable fuel underneath the “Me Too” movement. So many women should not have endured this.

When such sensitive fiery topics arise, we all should take a minute to evaluate what is the root of the problem and is dividing us by gender the answer? Go deeper than the surface of our social issues. Comment below, share, and share your opinions on this safe forum, and Decide Bliss.

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8 thoughts on “#MeToo – In my Opinion, There’s More than Meets the Eye

    1. Thank you Samary! I didn’t go in full detail but it did feel necessary to speak on such an emotional movement that has impacted women in some way.

  1. I love the bravery, and the “rawness” of this movement too. From the women who quietly ‘like’ the stories, to those bold enough to share their stories, it’s so unreal.

    1. Sarah, I could not agree more. The bravery and ‘rawness’ is such a great way to describe it. The whole movement still is impacting me in ways that I did not imagine. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts.

    1. Shametria! Your feedback is so thoughtful and meaningful to me because this post I was particularly vulnerable writing it. I appreciate you so much.

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