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All Photos in this post taken by Julie Brigidi

One typical Monday afternoon, I met up with my friend Patti because she had a question to ask me.

The Request

“I need you and Prash. You two are beautiful and have great laughs. I need you for a friend’s art exhibit. She needs beautiful people with great laughs and I already told her about you both and said you will say yes.”

I laughed again, “How soon can she see us? I am leaving the country and Prash will be leaving soon after.”

She says, “Let me take care of that. I will get this set up within a few days. Can you do it this week?”

I say, “Yes.”

Two days later, Prash and I are driving the beautiful roads of Barrington, Warren and heading into stunning Bristol to meet Patti and Julie, Julie is a photographer and the owner of Oggi Photo. (Oggi means “today” in Italian.) Julie explains the name is about being in the moment, and before she sold her bridal division it was because brides wanted everything TODAY.

The Laughter Project

We all laugh heartily as she goes off on a long tangent about never wanting to attend another wedding again. Thirty years of wedding photography experience under her creative belt being the reason. While we all chatted and got comfortable with each other, her dog Suzy literally nuzzling her face in my neon pink dress, she explained that Prash and I are perfect for the project. She reveals she is taking portraits of people laughing and recording sound bites of their laugh – the Laughter Project. Prash and I grin ear to ear as we remark how awesome of a concept it is. The compilation of all the portraits with the sound bite by the portrait in an exhibit hall will literally fill the display with laughter while visitors take in the portraits.  

The laughter will be immersive. It will be contagious. It will bring bliss, joy and happiness.

Just Say Yes

It fills me with awe that I will be a part of the Laughter Project. Our contribution will spread laughter and joy to art galleries. I am in amazement that my husband’s and my portrait will be showcased on a wall with our laughter ringing through numerous creative spaces. All because we said YES.

The message is simple: just say yes and Decide Bliss.


Book Reference to corroborate the power of saying yes, check out Shonda Rhimes, The Year of Yes or check out her Year of Yes, Ted Talk.

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