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        2. Criminal Justice Act (CJA)

          Date ? ?
          11/27/2017 Eastern District of Pennsylvania CJA Plan



          Date Notice Title or Topic ?
          09/15/2015 Notice on Compliance with the Guide to Judiciary Policy for Defender Services
          12/14/2015 Letter to CJA Panel Attorneys
          12/22/2015 Guidelines for Claims Submitted for Reimbursement Under the Criminal Justice Act in All District Court and Court of Appeals Representations
          01/13/2016 CJA Panel Attorneys Conversion Information
          05/13/2016 Standing Order on Processing of CJA 24
          08/12/2016 Standing Order on Requests for Leave to Submit Interim Vouchers
          04/13/2020 Standing Order - In Re: Interim Payments to CJA Panel Attorneys and Service Providers
          04/13/2020 Standing Order - Service Provider Requests



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          Attorney Resources

          First Login to eVoucher
          eVoucher Attorney Manual
          eVoucher Expert Manual
          eVoucher FAQs
          Creating a CJA 24 Authorization
          Attorney Acknowledgement Form
          Attorney's Statement
          CJA Packet
          Adding Attorney Associates Vouchers
          Service Provider (CJA 21) Authorization
          Expired Passwords and Locked Accounts
          Trouble Submitting – Use Audit Assist


          Video Tutorials

          Introduction to CJA eVoucher
          Creating a New CJA 20/30 Voucher
          CJA Expert Services and Authorizations