True Desires vs. Feminine Brainwashing

Ahhh… to be a woman in this world… Be feminine and be strong. Take care of everyone, including yourself. Remember to have babies so you feel truly fulfilled. Play the housewife and also the boss[…]

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A beautiful spiritual young woman standing against an industrial building that has colorful art hung on it by local Boston artists

Hey Girl, It’s Your Birthday!

Birthday Blessings It was my birthday last Sunday. If you are religious, my birthday always falls in Lent. (Lent is a Christian church tradition where religious followers and even non-believers abstain from certain foods or temptations[…]

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Don’t Worry, Be Happy

It has recently been brought to my attention that I worry too much about what everyone else thinks of me. The more I think about it, the more I realize how true this statement is.[…]

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Takes One to Snow One: 5 Ways to Rock a Snow Day

We are true blue New Englanders, born and raised in this distinct part of the US. Like everyone else who grew up in New England, we spent the first half our lives impatiently waiting for[…]

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Young black woman leaned on a chrome semi truck laughing blissfully.

Pump Your Gas: My Self-Inflicted Stress Story

I despise pumping gas. I don’t know what it is about this little mundane task but I hate it. Contrarily, I love the smell of gas. Yes I’m weird (this should not be news) so[…]

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Tropic like it’s Hot

When you picture “paradise,” what place usually comes to mind? HAWAII. My mother, Curtis, Olivia, and I were all lucky enough to spend last week in Oahu with my lovely aunt and her boyfriend. Let[…]

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Two Besties leaning against a wooden fence outdoors on a farm looking blissfully off into the distance

Use your Insecurities as Fuel for Growth

Insecurities, insecurities, insecurities… Those pesky, gnawing, inner feelings of being threatened or feeling some varying form of inadequacy – we all have them. Everyone feels insufficient from time to time. Blissers, that is the norm[…]

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Gourmet loose leaf tea in a flat lay with a tea timer, silver spoon, sugared ginger and a clear glass tea cup blissfully awaiting to be drank

Let Your Soul Take a Deep Breath

Do you know how bad I needed a morning to myself in a perfect tea shop with a delicious healthy crepe breakfast??!! OMG, I didn’t know how bad until I did it and my whole[…]

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The ingredients toa blissful alternative to store-bought deodorant/antiperspirant.

Pale’s Pit Paste

Pit Paste? Back in April of last year, I decided to give up traditional deodorant/antiperspirant. To each his own if you’re a lover of yours! I get it. I just couldn’t find one that I[…]

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Two female best friends blissfully throwing snow in the air and enjoying exercise and the winter wonderland of Montreal Canada

The Spurt System

Working out sucks. There’s no beating around that bush! Especially when you’ve fallen off the wagon and haven’t done much of anything (in regards to exercise) in longer than you’re comfortable admitting… But hey, it[…]

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