The Power of Acknowledgement

A blissful fall afternoon with multi-colored trees from the changing season. There is a rusted classic car in the far right left neglected against a beautiful nature backdrop

The car above perfectly represents what neglect can do to something that was once so beautiful, rare, and classic. The power of acknowledgement is so much more than just a boost of confidence; it is part of what allows us to thrive.


It seems like such a simple concept, doesn’t it? If we were to ask you right now whether or not you acknowledge the good that people do for you daily, you’d probably instinctively assure us that you do. But do you really?

When someone holds the door open for you, do you thank him or her? Every time?

When your significant other makes you a meal, do you express your gratitude for it? Always?

Do you tell your friends and family how much you appreciate the joy they bring to your life? Regularly?

What’s funny is that, in reality, people often don’t. We inherently assume they just know that we’re appreciative. Obviously my spouse knows I’m grateful, and of course my loved ones know I’m thankful for all of the late-night chats and constant support! Right?


The 5 Love Languages

We’ve recently taken a closer look at Gary Chapman’s The 5 Love Languages. If you already know about Love Languages, fantastic! They’re awesome and incredibly useful on so many levels, including focusing on acknowledgement. We were able to discover the avenues in which we most effectively receive love and realize how our partners accept love as well. It was pretty enlightening!

If you don’t know them, please take this quiz and learn what route works best for you so you can get better at knowing how you prefer to be recognized. Then proceed to share the quiz with a best friend, spouse, sibling, or child so you can also understand how the people you care about the most receive love. Ensuring that both you and the people that are the most important to you are all aware of HOW you receive love will allow you to effectively be acknowledged for all that you do and also provide effective acknowledgement!

Words of Affirmation

This is Nicky’s top channel for receiving love, followed closely by Quality Time (of course!).

In relation to Words of Affirmation, actions don’t necessarily speak louder than words. If this is also your avenue, getting an unsolicited compliment lights you up. How much do you love being told “I love you”? A lot, I’m sure! And even more so, hearing the reasoning behind why you’re so loved.

Expressing your love and how much you appreciate those in your life should be a regular (if not daily) habit. From time to time (possibly weekly, if you like guidelines), explain why you love said person, or why you are so thankful for something they said or are doing. The words are always beautiful, but the reason behind it fuels the fire to keep that wonderful action going! It provides a positive boost that lifts the spirits and encourages a Words of Affirmation person.

Acts of Service

This is Badiana’s top channel for receiving love, with Words of Affirmation coming in as a close second.

If you didn’t think loading the dishwasher or cooking a meal for your significant other regularly could be an act of love, think again. Easing the burden of responsibilities and pressure on someone who constantly feels the weight of those responsibilities is a surefire way to add to her/his day in a tremendous way. Not to mention, it fills her/his love tank right up!

Help your loved one out and allow her/him to use the time he/she would have been spending completing mundane chores to tackle pressing priorities that matter to her/him most. Quite often, those very priorities are ones that benefit the family as a whole. AND you have now freed this person up to love on you and serve others who need it.

Get to it!

It is never too late to start being more thoughtful and communicative with the people that matter most. Sometimes it takes a simple quiz to remind you that falling in love is the easy part, while keeping the love healthy and alive is the challenge and the goal.

Being open to learning new ways to acknowledge and show love in ways that are receptive to those in your life is something you can begin doing today. Forget what you haven’t done or didn’t know to do in the past! Move forward with the goal to acknowledge and love on your people – and while we’re at, strangers, too! One kind act, one kind word, or one moment of acknowledgement can change the course of someone’s day, maybe even life. THAT is powerful.

“If we learn to meet each other’s deep emotional need to feel loved, and choose to do it, the love we share will be exciting beyond anything we’ve ever felt.” —Gary Chapman

Don’t be shy, be bold and loving to as many people as you can, and positively Decide Bliss.


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