Can You Smell Me?

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I don’t wear deodorant or antiperspirant. Are you judging me? You are so judging me.

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It’s time for some Badiana real-talk. At this current juncture in my life, I don’t believe I will ever wear deodorant again. Let me note: I was a daily deodorant/antiperspirant-wearer for majority of my semi-short existence on this earth. I didn’t ditch these products until maybe two years ago when Nicky and I were on this “let’s be more natural” journey with our body products. We even bought a bunch of spices to blend our own makeup! I still have all the spices, only used once because I resolved that I needed to finish the remainder of my current cosmetics. Needless to say, my existing makeup is taking forever to disappear because I have since stopped wearing these products regularly. BUT one thing I did try immediately was the ditching substances that prevent body odor.

I typically experiment for a week and if it flows into my daily routine, it sticks. I went an entire week without antiperspirant and I noticed I smelled just fine! This continued until I hit a week where I was working out like a mad woman and was convinced I had permanent body odor. I became that friend, constantly asking if I smell bad. Due to my massive neurosis with odors in general. I own enough candles, incense sticks, and now essential oils in my house to open an e-commerce store. I am compulsive about aromatherapy. To spare my friends, family, and colleagues from having to assure me regularly that I do not smell, I started using essential oils. Two drops on my hand of whatever scent I am attracted to that day (my go-to being lavender because of its calming effect), rub my hands together, and a few slaps all over: under each armpit, on either side of my neck, and my chin, kind of like a man applies his aftershave. Then I’m ready to rock and roll for the day!

To Apply or Not to Apply, That is the Question

We are not here to get into a debate on why antiperspirants are harmful or harmless, because there is evidence supporting both. The truth is wearing antiperspirant no longer makes any sense TO ME. I don’t smell any more intensely than I did when I did wear it. In fact, I think I am told that I smell good more often now than I did before. I am assuming my natural pheromones are no longer being blocked so they’re blending with my essential oils and people like the scent. I don’t get armpit razor burn like I used to when shaving, and it’s one less cosmetic item I have to buy or worry about while traveling. This was an experiment that had positive results for me, and for that I am A-OK with being judged.

I stuck with what made sense for my lifestyle. When I admit that I don’t wear deodorant, people may wrinkle their noses or think it’s gross for a second. Yet they are always in disbelief. You know why? Because I NEVER smell. The immediate response is “I could never do that” and then it’s on to the next pressing topic on his or her mind, like “what latte should I get?”

Do You

In short, do not let people’s opinions, judgments, or thoughts stop you from doing anything. The best option is always to be you and Decide Bliss.

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Badiana is a business women, yogi and writer from Massachusetts. She is known to be a bubbly optimist, but few know she is actually quite introverted. The things she loves most in life are family, friends, nature, her spirituality and her unending quest to harness more joy in her own life as well as helping others to do the same.
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