Who Run the World?

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Shout-out to the Ladies!

Mothers are so much more than simply women that birth us. Honestly, that’s the easy part.

The two of us have been blessed with several amazing female figures in our lives. The motherly role does not have to be played by a single person. As women, we naturally possess instinctive maternal qualities: we yearn to take care of those that we love, to help them grow and succeed; we protect with fierce passion anyone and anything that is dear to us; we love with a ferocity that’s second to none. Whether or not we have physically given birth to a child is not what makes us maternal. It’s the love.

We want to take a second and focus on these women. You know who you are! Mothers, stepmothers, aunts, sisters, friends, even fur-mamas – you all have that same love in your hearts. Our lives would not be the same without you. For that, we thank you and are eternally grateful! Consider this a shout-out to you and acknowledgment for all that you do. If you’re a woman and you’re reading this, THANK YOU!

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we would like to specifically recognize our amazing mamas. So without further ado, we give you Dawn and Mama Badio!

Ain’t No Mama Like the One I Got

This woman is everything: my Mom, my therapist, my nurse, my voice of reason when the crazy takes over. She is my shopping companion, my interior decorator, and the ice-breaker when anyone in the family is at odds. Most importantly, she’s my best friend.

When everything gets overwhelming and I feel like no one understands where I’m coming from, I am lucky enough to have my Mom. She gets it. She gets me. We have been blessed with the same kind of crazy that only another similarly crazy person can deal with. Our brains work in an analogous fashion. In our case, that means they go a million miles an hour and are utterly obsessive. We share so many personality traits that it’s sometimes frightening. Have you ever said something in a passing conversation and literally had to stop and say, “Wow, I just sounded exactly like my mother”? That happens to me. A LOT.

Family First

Family is literally the most important aspect of life regardless how much nonsense you put one another through. In the end, a loving family will top anything. My mother instilled this value in me. As she grew up, they moved around a lot and her family members seemed to all go in their own directions. She continued to dream of the day when her own family would be more committed to be a regular part of each other’s lives. I share this dream with her. We are all as close as we are because it was her vision to make it so. She is an everyday part of all of our lives and I certainly wouldn’t have it any other way!

I want nothing more than to be right there as our family continues to grow. I want to be present for each and every milestone. Although distance may sometimes get in the way, we continue to do our best to not let that ruin our plan. These people are what make me, me. It is she that gave me that mentality.


I have become the strong woman that I am today by following her example. She has taught me to be sturdy and a survivor. By watching her, I have learned compassion and selflessness. I am a good woman because she is the best one I know. Of all of the people in this entire world, I could not have asked for a better woman to have raised me. And for that, I am immeasurably thankful.

Ain’t No Woman Alive that Can Take my Mama’s Place

Mama Badio, her beauty and smile light up a room. That is what everyone in my tight-knit circle calls her. She is a 5’3” matriarchal powerhouse. I tower over her at 5’8” and I still know not to mess with her! Words are only one of the ways I can repay her for EVERYTHING she has done for me and my siblings. There is no way I can pay her back entirely, but I try daily to show her that I understand and that she is appreciated.

Her Story

My Mom emigrated from Haiti and left everything she knew behind to give her children a better life. She worked day in and day out to create that life for her kids, to give us the best opportunities this foreign country (USA) could offer. And she succeeded. She attained the American Dream: the husband, the beautiful kids, the big house in the ‘burbs with a fence – all reached through her pain, sweat, and tears and all for her children. Her love has no limits. That is by far one of the biggest life lessons I’ve learned from her example – love has no limits.

My mother’s love is crazy, scary, fierce, protective, overbearing, brutally honest, and downright exacerbating, but man is it powerful. I am able to love with no limits because of her. I am able to share that fierce love with myself, with my husband, with her, with family, friends, with co-workers and even strangers.


My Mom taught me strength. I have seen her endure the peaks and valleys of life and come out more dynamic than before. I learned the importance of family and taking care of the ones you love, even at your own detriment, from her. Mama taught me to be independent and to take care of myself no matter what the situation. The foundation of my spirituality and connection to God and the Universe is by her example. She taught me to respect all walks of life and be kind to others because you never know what someone is going through.

Her Best

My Mom is and was my first best friend. She always says, “I did my best.” Her best exceeds my expectations daily. I can spend an entire day lying next to her in bed watching romantic movies on the Hallmark channel. We both can fall asleep mid-movie or conversation. “Cash us on the bed nappin’, how ‘bout dah?” She is my favorite shopping companion. I steal clothes from her closet like it’s my part-time job. Her intelligence and ability to make a house into a home for anyone that walks through her doors is nothing short of a gift that she has passed on to me. She is my rock, my voice of reason, my fashion guru, my strength, my nurse, my female example, and my love for her circles the moon and back and beyond.

Who Run the World? GIRLS!

Strong, beautiful, intelligent, nurturing, loving, amazing women – YOU run the world! Never doubt that for even a minute!

We are all in this together. You are never alone. When the world becomes too harsh to handle, lean on your fellow powerful woman and push through it together. Be the person a fellow powerful woman can lean on. Build each other up. Nurture and love the world. Embrace differences and learn from them.

We are women and we are amazing, just like those we learned from. Get out there and be a positive influence on the next generation of little girls! Be the good, be the positive, be the strong. And every day, Decide Bliss.

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