You Raise Me Up

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We are strong women – forces to be reckoned with, if you will. This point has been emphasized before and this is surely not the last time it will come up. Hey, facts are facts! We know what we deserve, we know what we want, and we simply settle for nothing less. Want to know one of the reasons we are so confident in that manner? The men in our lives!

If you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s time for our Dad tribute! With it being Father’s Day and all, we figured this was a perfect time to emphasize some fantastic fellas that we are blessed to have in our lives. These men have relentlessly lifted us and supported us through it all

So again, without further ado, we give you Joe & Prash from Badiana’s world and also Brett and Curtis from Nicky’s.

Badiana’s Genuine Gents

Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?

Joe Badio, my Dad and first love, is literally one of the most charming men you will ever meet. He is graceful, tactful, and easy-going, and his zest for life is contagious. I know because everyone who meets him tells me so. He does not allow life to beat him down, EVER. Instead, he calmly walks through life like he owns the manual on how to live it like a boss. He has work smart and life smart. He is aware that you get to live this life once, so enjoy it instead of working or worrying your life away.

How I navigate my own life is directly influenced by my father. I love my life as much as I do because my Dad showed me how to be beautiful (inside and out) in life. Stop, smell the roses, buy the dress that will make everyone’s head turn. Anytime I leave to go anywhere and he happens to be home, he tells me how beautiful I am and says, “Have I told you lately that I love you?” Then I go out in the world, time and time again with a confidence that makes me stand out in a crowded room.

Spread Your Wings

My Dad has been the catalyst of making me understand my worth in this world. He did this through his love, praise, and ease in letting me fly my wings as far as they could go (in my case Australia) even though he may have been petrified for me and secretly wishing I changed my mind. I was thrown the best going-away party a young woman could ask for. He has no idea how critical it was for me to get that support from him. It showed me he had the utmost faith that I would not only fly, but I would soar. When I got to Australia, instead of feeling homesick and scared, I felt liberated and proud of who I am as well as my capabilities.

Because of him I soared and I have been soaring since in my own way, but in a brilliant way. Dipping in life’s lows but always having the skills, confidence, love, and support to flap a little harder so I can rise high again.

We Made Plans to Kiss the Sun at Night

Due to my Dad’s love, I am married to a wonderful man; a man that loves me unconditionally. Prash and I met two weeks into me moving to Australia and that was it – I found my partner in life. The cliché statement, “When you know, you know,” applies to my husband.

I did not know or understand what it means to be IN love until Prash. He is honorable and trustworthy and loves me through periods where I do not love myself as much as I should. Every day he teaches me how to love bigger, better, and more vulnerably. He is an adventurer, like me. We spent the beginning of our relationship living in multiple countries and exploring this great big world together.

We have approached life and our marriage with that same gusto, like an adventure. Beginning as young twenty-somethings, we have evolved into dynamic adults. We are just as adventurous in our daily lives and choices as we were as kids continent-hopping together. I could not imagine life without him by my side. We have the same goals and aspirations and we agree on all of the major life milestones. I write about him today because he deserves all the honor as the man who I am proud to say will father our children one day.

Nicky’s Main Men

Kind-hearted Cynics

They say that daughters use their fathers as standards by which they judge all men. I find this fact to be very true!

I want to start with my Dad: Brett MacGray. He is a cynical, antisocial, grumpy old man with a heart of pure gold. He would give you his very last dollar or the shirt right off his back if he thought you really needed it. Although he likes to play it off like he hates everyone and everything, in reality he’s a total softie! I could not ask for a more supportive man to have raised me.

Several of my personality traits are from this charismatic man. I am a cynic at times, just as he is, but we both believe in being good to people. When you think about it there’s always enough good for everyone, so why do so many people feel like they have to hoard it all to themselves? This is a question he and I frequently discuss! It’s frustrating to be in a world where so many people are willing to trample over one another to get even the tiniest bit ahead. It’s comforting to know that not ALL people are like that! My Dad is a prime example of one of the good ones.

Grandpa Knows Best

I am so thankful for everything he has done for me over the years. He’s been there with a sympathetic ear and comforting words every time I have a meltdown over life being overwhelming. He’s bailed me out on more than one occasion when money is a hair too tight. We’ve had some amazing conversations on everything from the stars and the Universe to politics to the squirrels in the backyard. He has played a large role in making me who I am today. I am grateful that I was blessed with this man that raised me, and I look forward to the Grandpa role he will play in the lives of any future children I may have. He’s already fantastic with my niece, nephew, and Olivia, so I’m confident in saying his influence is something I want for them!

The Endgame

Curtis is so much more than just my boyfriend. He is my partner, my fellow scoffer, and my absolute best friend. Most importantly, he is a remarkable father to his daughter. I may have kissed a few frogs before finding my prince, but I’ve got him now and I’m not letting him go!

Anyone that knows us can attest to the fact that he was always the endgame – my final move. It was just a matter of getting the timing right with us. There’s a lovely little saying that points out that women always end up with men like their fathers, and I am definitely among those women! Those two have so many similar personality traits it’s a little scary sometimes! But I love them both immensely.

I am fortunate enough to be able to witness the kind of father that Curtis is before even having children with him. His love for Olivia is beautiful and insurmountable. I am able to learn so much about parenting just from watching him. It’s extraordinarily reassuring to know that the man I love beyond words is already the superb father you always dreamed you would have for your own children someday. No one knows what this life has up its sleeve but at least I can be positive in the fact that if I end up with kids of my own, they will have one fantastic Dad!

You Raise Me Up

We are who we are largely because of the men that are in our lives. We are immeasurably appreciative to have these four fine fellas (not to mention the countless male influences we didn’t even mention in this article!) as support systems. They are constantly lifting us up to be the better women we are meant to be. Not everyone is as fortunate as we are to have such amazing fathers and partners. If you are, know how blessed you are as well!

Show gratitude, love deeply, and continue to lovingly Decide Bliss.




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  1. Badiana, Thank you beautiful soul 🙂 I am honored to have grown with you. Love you forever and always.

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